Ayurpharm International Pte Ltd

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About Ayurpharm International Pte Ltd

Ayurpharm International Pte Ltd combines the invigorating power of traditional know-how with that of the human body in the most modern way possible. Ayurpharm International Pte Ltd's therapies focus on rehabilitation and support for patients in distress from neck and shoulder problems, stress, stroke, lower back pain, and degenerative joint disorders. The long-established Indian Medical Science that has been practiced for more than 5 millenniums as an effective alternative medicine was produced and refined over thousands of years to create harmony between the body and mind, by relieving fatigue, stress and specific body ailments and their aggravations. Ayurveda is a Sanskrit word, Ayu means Life and Veda means Science or Wisdom; hence Ayurveda is a Science of Life. Health is the alliance on which human life revolves. Ayurveda is a life science and it believes that every living and non living being in the Universe is a combination of five basic elements called Pancha Mahabhootha i.e., Air, Water, Earth, Fire and Ether.  Ayurpharm International Pte Ltd uses herbs, natural oils herbal decoctions as medicines or supplements to balance these elements in the body and helps to get rid of toxins, stress and fatigue. Ayurpharm International Pte Ltd's Signature Therapy: Panchakarma – The Rejuvenation Therapy, Life Style Therapy, Skin and Face Therapy, Knee and Joint Therapy, Hormone Balancing Therapy, Stoke Rehabilitation. Consultation Procedure: Consultation is initiated with determining your basic constitution, which is different for every individual. This is done by eightfold examination including Pulse (Nadi) by the Ayurvedic Physician. Basically, the patient will be asked to fill up a questionnaire, which will reveal your  diet, lifestyle and health conditions. This assists the physician to assess the disproportion in your body. Treatments: Ayurpharm International Pte Ltd offers over 30 different types of Ayurvedic therapies. Some of the popular treatments are Pizhichil (oil dripping for the body), Njavarakizhi (rice pudding therapy), Ela/Podikizhi (poultice therapy with herbal power and leaves), Nasyam (nasal cleansing therapy) and Sirodhara (oil dripping for the head).