Branto Pure Vegetarian Indian Restaurant

Address : 1/F, 9 Lock Road Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong

Time : Mon to Fri:
11.00 am to 3 pm (Lunch)
6.00 am to 11 pm (Dinner)
Sat & Sun: 11.00 am to 11pm

Phone : +852 2366 8171



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About Branto Pure Vegetarian Indian Restaurant

Branto is a pure vegetarian Indian restaurant that has been serving up Indian food since 1993. Their authentic Indian vegetarian food over the past two decades has earned them a loyal following of both Indian expatriates and native Hong Kongers. Branto is derived from the Italian word  for ready, pronto. The reason an Italian word is used for the restaurant is because the founders were the first to introduce pizzas in Surat, Gujarat. The pure vegetarian restaurant makes everything from scratch and has South Indian, North Indian, Gujarati, Punjabi and Indian Chinese food on its menu. Their specialities are the chole bhatura and pav bhaji. Their pav bhaji is so good that a reviewer says that its better than what you would get in India! Jains would be pleased to know that Branto provides Jain food as well.