Theatre Night: An Evening of Double Comedy

Date : 2017-09-10 to 2017-09-10

Time : 19:00 to 21:00

Address : Chiang Chen Studio Theatre, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hung Hom, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Phone : +852 9050 7012



Ticket Price : HKD$300 (Standard Ticket)

For tickets, please email or

About Theatre Night: An Evening of Double Comedy

Teacup Productions has been bringing Hong Kong well-received stage productions since 2008. Their upcoming Theatre Night presented by the Forum of Indian Professionals Hong Kong (FIPHK) is an evening of double comedy performed in English. The evening promises thrilling performances, laughs and more.

The First Comedy - On & Off

Manu D'Mello has a simple dream and as he is preparing for his big break when in the blink of an eye his world is plunged into darkness. As the evening gets under way, it seems that everything that could go wrong, does. As Manu faces the consequences of theft, deception and mistaken identities, he is left wandering if he will ever see the light at the end of the tunnel

The Second Comedy - Black Kinght

Tick-tock, tock-tock-tick, tick-tick-tick-tick-tock Something isn't quite right with the grandfather clock. In Hong Kong, a city where everyone knows everyone, it is only a matter of time before worlds start to collide. Lies and hypocrisy are the unlikely glue holding relationships together, until one day an outsider is unwiitingly involved in the charade. Cast: Alok Jain, Asheesh Mamgain, Padmini Pandit, Gaurav Gupta, Prasoon Agarwal, Shravya Agarwal, Rani Moriani, Kunjing Li, Gulshan Dua, Neha Dodeja, Emaan Atta, Rohan Jain, Akshat Sharma Director: Priyanka Jain Assistant Director: Anjali Jha Second AD: Natasha Jain Stage Manager: Arpita Mohan Production Manager: Namrata Sharma Costume Designer: Deepika Garg Agarwal Sound: Avinash Singhal, Palak Shah Setunga Light: Sudhir Salian, Bills Tin Dance: Beyond Bollywood Makeup: Makeup-Fever fiphk-theatre-night-2017-hong-kong-event-poster